Affordable Home Automation Packages

Are you worried that home automation might drill a hole in your pocket? Rexza iHomes aims at providing luxury living experience at wallet-friendly prices without compromising the quality of the products and services. We offer a wide range of smart products from various brands starting at an unbeatable price of Rs.500. Our finance team can also help you with easy EMI plans to help you take your favourite product home instantly. Choose the best plan that suits your budget. 

  • Basic

  • Rs49,999per Kit
  • The Starter Package (Wi-Fi)


    • Ideal for 3 BHK Flat (basic setup)
    • Light control in 4 rooms (12 maximum)
    • Fan control in 4 rooms
    • AC control in 4 rooms (1 per room)
    • TV/STB/Bluray control in a single room
    • Smart scenes & schedules
    • Remote control/monitoring
    • Google Voice/Alexa integration
    • iOS/Android app
    • 2 years guarantee/warranty
    • Free Installation**

  • Advanced

  • Rs79,999per Kit
  • The expandable package (Z-Wave)


    • Ideal for 3 BHK (expandable setup)
    • 1x Z-Wave controller (1 room)
    • Light control (2 rooms)
    • Control TVs, STBs, speakers, etc. (1 room)
    • Motion sensor (1 room)
    • Camera/Doorbell Integration
    • Google Home/Amazon Alexa integration
    • iOS/Android app
    • 1-year warranty
    • Professional installation (chargeable)
  • Premium

  • Rs139,999per kit
  • The ultimate ecosystem


    • Ideal for large bungalows (>10,000 square feet)
    • Light control in 5 rooms (maximum 16 lights)
    • Designer touch-switches (maximum 4)
    • 4 x Curtain/blind control
    • 1 x Motion/Smoke/Gas Leakage sensor
    • 1 x Smart Lock Integration
    • Passcode activated scenes
    • Smart audio playback
    • Customized look-and-feel
    • 1-year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I automate my home?

Home is where our heart is! Hence, it’s hightime to make your home more functional and protect it with ultra-modern security features. This is what exactly home automation does to yourfavourite place on earth. You can control appliances and devices using your smartphone, change temperature, sense intruder motion, and do a lot more. Also, you can voice control your home with Alexa and Google that simplifies your tasks further.  

Is it easy to operate a home automation system?

It is indeed very easy! The brands like Syska and Phillips offer smooth operations thereby, ensuring a great product experience. 

Why should I purchase smart devices from Rexza iHomes?

If you purchase from us, you get: 

  1. Expert consultation 
  2. Products from best brands such as Phillips and Syska 
  3. Customized setup and configuration 
  4. Installation support 

Do you manufacture these devices?

No. We predominantly use home automation products of Syska and Phillips to ensure quality. 

Is it mandatory to keep the switches turned on always to operate the appliances remotely?

Yes, it is. All your devices should be kept in standby mode to ensure remote access. But, don’t be worried about the power consumption. We use only sustainable products that won’t even draw 2 units in a month.  

What should I do if I have technical difficulties?

 We offer dedicated usage manual and product support to all our products. Hence, you can refer to the manual to find out how to use a product. If you still can’t, you can get in touch with us via call at +91 956 798 7334 or through email at ... Our team would respond to you within 24 – 48 hours.  

Are You Ready to Experience The Smart Home Feeling? 


To begin your smart home journey, get in touch with us today and explore the vast range of products to match your needs.  

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