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Want to get all the luxuries right at your home in a single tap? Our multimedia products enable you to control all your smart devices including your TV, X-Box, AC, lights, and many more using a single universal remote.

Control Everything With A Single Touch

Control Everything with a Single Touch

Prepare Your Home with Schedules

You can let your home match your mood by scheduling triggers to turn on or off multiple devices simultaneously at the specified time.

Integrate and Configure Easily

Integrate multiple smart devices and control devices of all brands using a single remote or smartphone. You won’t require dozens of remotes anymore.

Better Sound Distribution Across Rooms

Stream your favourite music in your room alone or all the rooms by connecting the speakers throughout your home for effective sound distribution.

One Tap Control of Devices

The control of your home is at your fingertip. Effortlessly integrate various devices such as smart lights, ACs, music systems, TVs, etc. and control them with just a tap using a universal remote or your smartphone. Schedule events, create appropriate scenes, and set timers to make your home be the way you want daily or on special occasions. You don’t have to flood your home with multiple remotes.

One Tap Control Of Devices
Smooth Audio Streaming

Smooth Audio Streaming

Connect our wireless superior quality speakers across rooms and play your favourite music or movie and experience the immersive sound quality. Control the volume, change track, or choose a different playlist by just tapping on your phone or the universal remote. You can also play the same music in all the speakers or different music in different speakers. Our multimedia devices pairs faster and are easy to use.  

Experience the Ultimate Comfort with Our Multimedia Devices

Smart people deserve only the best – Select the product of your choice, add it to your package and get them installed for an awesome experience! 

Pico Polar with IR Stones Remote
Cubical Aura Device
Zemote Smart Universal Remote WIRED
iEast Stream Pro M30
Zemote Smart Universal Remote Plus/MINI
iEast AudioCast
iEast StreamAMP AM160/M20

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