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At Rexza iHomes, we place customer satisfaction above everything else. A smile on your face is the best reward we can ever ask for. Here is one of our recent projects for a happy family in Karunagapalli. This house is fully automated with best-in-class products ranging from energy-efficient smart lights, safety systems, multimedia and interactive devices, climate controller, surveillance systems, and a lot more.  


This 2000 sq ft lavish American style house is aesthetically designed and decorated by our professional interior decorators. The kid’s room topped every other room with vibrant shades and beautiful characters. In short, the entire family is extremely happy with their new super luxury house.  

Project 1


Location: Karunagappalli

Category: Super Luxury

House Plan:  2000 sq ft

Smart Features:  Fully Automated with Smart Lighting, Smart Safety System, Interactive Devices, Multimedia Products, Energy Efficient, Intelligent Protection, Climate Control, Superior Surveillance

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