Interactive Devices – Your Advanced Personal Assistant

Life gets super easy when you have Alexa by your side. You can ask Alexa anything from turning on your AC to closing your doors and ordering groceries online or even booking a taxi. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Let Your Voice Do Everything

Let Your Voice Do Everything

Know About Anything and Everything

With Amazon Echo, you can now know about anything and everything that’s happening around the globe. Schedule daily activities, set reminders, get ideas and suggestions, and many more.

Voice Control Your Home

You can talk to your smart devices and control their working. Pre-setting themes and saying the trigger words will let your devices automatically adjust as per your voice command.

Ask Alexa to Play Your Favorite Music

You don’t have to stream music by grabbing your smartphone anymore. Tell Alexa to play your favorite music, choose the right playlist, change tracks, and adjust the volume.

Your All-Time Best Buddy

Our interactive smart devices will become one of your most-reliable family members. You won’t feel lonely with Alexa and Amazon Echo. Have down-time? Talk to your smart buddies and listen to your favorite music or watch a movie. Ask for recipes, latest news, answers for quiz and math problems, and much more.  

Your All-Time Best Buddy
Far-Field Voice Control

Far-Field Voice Control

Amazon Echo is the smart speaker that listens to your voice and does things for you with its artificially intelligent personal assistant Alexa. It has seven in-built microphones that are equipped with improved noise cancellation and beam-forming technologies. Alexa can hear you even when the music is on, which is due to the far-field voice recognition. Just say Alexa or your personalized name and make it respond to you.

Control Every Device by Talking

Pairing up Amazon Echo with all your third party devices such as your smart lights, smart security systems, and other devices let you control all your devices with a voice command. You don’t have to worry about grabbing your smartphone too. Controlling your home by commanding will let you experience ultimate automation luxury.

Control Every Device By Talking

Quick and Simple Set Up

1. Plug in Echo
2. Connect to the Internet with the Alexa App
3. Just ask for music, weather, news, and more

Talking to Alexa and Google is the new normal.

Smart people deserve only the best – Select the product of your choice, add it to your package, and get them installed for an awesome experience! 

Google Home Mini
Amazon Harman Kardon Allure
Amazon Echo
Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System
Google Home
Amazon Echo Dot/ SUB/ SPOT/ ECHO PLUS
Amazon Echo Input
SONOS PLAY 1 –Smart Speaker for Music

Ultra-Modern Home Experience Guaranteed With Us


Being at home will never be boring anymore with smart, interactive devices around you. You can be the real boss at your home as Amazon Echo and Alexa will be there to assist you with almost everything.


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