Keep Your Home and Your Loved Ones Safe

Worried about your home when you are away? You can now get instant messages on your smartphone when your home is in danger. Besides, you can configure the central automation system to immediately respond to flood, fire, or any other calamities and take quick corrective action.  

Stay Safe During Disasters 

Quick Notifications and Alerts

Your smart home is capable of instantly alerting you during any natural accidents. Using a pre-set central automation configuration, you can protect your home from further damage.

All-Round Sensors for Tight Security

Fixing various sensors to detect smoke, fire, water, gas leakage protects yourself and your loved ones at the right time by sending you notifications or triggering alarms to alert you.

Intelligent Protection
Intelligent protection

Easy and Quick Configuration

The sensors can be easily integrated and configured with a tap on your smartphone. You can configure your central controller to automatically light up the escape path, open doors and windows, and many more during a natural accident. The Fibaro sensors can be synchronized with other devices in the Fibaro ecosystem to initiate quick corrective actions. 

Instant Flood Detection

Safeguarding your house during flood is definitely not an easy task and that is why we recommend you use the Fibaro Flood Sensor. It alerts you as soon as the water hits the floor. This sensor can effectively handle both fasts as well as slow floods and is strategically-designed to sustain any temperature between -10 to +90 degrees celcius. It is also made of waterproof material, which makes it float over the water to transmit the signal to the central controller. 

Intelligent protection
Sensors For Smoke And Temperature Detection

Sensors for Smoke and Temperature Detection

Our sensors are much smarter than any other devices as they not only sense smoke but also sense any sudden change in temperature. This helps you to be safe not only when your house is in fire but also when there is a significant rise in temperature levels happening due to different reasons. The sensor instantly alerts you when the temperature goes above 50 degrees. 

Shield Your House With Technology

Smart people deserve only the best – Select the product of your choice, add it to your package, and get them installed for an awesome experience! 

Pert Multi Sensor
Zemote Gas Leak Detector
Pert Door/MOTION Sensor
Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor Gen5
Cubical Motion Sensor
Aeotec Door/ Window Sensor 6
Aeotec MultiSensor 6
Samsung Ecolink Zigbee Motion Sensor

Protecting Your House is No More a Nightmare 


Our technologically advanced smart home appliances and devices do not only offer comfort but also provides 360-degree protection to you and your belongings. With a smartphone, you can know about everything that’s happening around your home when you are away and safeguard it from disasters much efficiently. 


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