Smart Lighting – Let Your Light Shine The Way You Want

Smartly control the lighting to create the perfect mood and ambiance with a spin of a wheel. Create schedules to let the lightings automatically turn on and off. Keep your smart light in control using your smartphone.  

A Light for Every Moment 

Keep Your Home Colourful

Decorate your home by choosing from over 15 million shades of light and create the ideal ambiance to match your mood or occasion.

Automatic Reaction to Events

Your smart lightings can be integrated with other befitting smart home devices to let the lightings cleverly pick up inputs and automatically react.

No Wires No Tangles

You don’t have to be worried about your home getting messed up with the wirings as the smart lighting connection is completely wire-free.

A Light For Every Moment


Million Shades of Light 


Energy Efficient


Bulbs Connection 


Defined Ambience 

Splash the Colour You Like

We offer never-ending shades of colours that will let you create the perfect ambiance you want right at your home. You can indeed adjust the intensity and make your room look warm, cozy, and comfortable turning every occasion memorableThe best part is you get to control all these with just a tap as switchboards and dozens of remotes belong to the bygone days.  

Splash The Colour You Like
Make Your Lights Dance

Make Your Lights Dance

Elevate the party mood or gaming experience to a whole new level by downloading certain apps. Create a perfect dance floor or discotheque at your home and turn on the party lights to make it your dancing partner. Your lights can sync with youfavourite songs and dance according to the beat, letting you earn a special appreciation from your family and friends. 

Effortless Installation

Your smart lights are sophisticated yet offer super-easy installation like the traditional bulbs. You can choose a smart bulb from the wide range of bulbs we have, plug it, download the app, and connect to your home Wi-Fi networkThere you go! The installation is very simple and it does not require any intermediate hub or assistance. 

Effortless Installation

Pick Your Favourite Smart Light

Smart people deserve only the best – Select the product of your choice and get them installed for an awesome experience!

Aeotec Nano Dimmer
TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb LB100/110/120/130
LIFX Color 1000 A19
Corvi Tube 4 3000 Lumens- 20W/12 W
Z-Wave Aeotec Bulb
Aeotec Nano Dimmer Bypass
LIFX White 800 A19
Z-Wave Fibaro RGBW Controller

Let Your Lights Sync With Your Mood


Smart lights offer you not just comfort but it also helps you save electricity and cost. This is indeed one of the most adopted smart devices across the nation. Install smart lights and enjoy them being in perfect sync with your mood and occasion.


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