This privacy policy shows how Rexza iHomes uses both the personal and non-personal information that you give us. We ask you to provide certain information when you use our website. We assure that your privacy is protected and safe. Please check this page from time to time to be aware of the changes in our policies.   


  1.Information we collect  


We collect information such as name, gender, age, job, contact details, demographic locations, bank account details, IP address, websites you visit and other such relevant data. Your information will primarily be stored in electronic form however, certain data will be stored in physical form. We may store, collect, process and use your data in countries other than the Republic of India but under compliance with applicable laws. We may enter into agreements with third parties (in or outside of India) to store or process your information or data. These third parties may have their security standards to safeguard your information. We will ask such third parties to adopt reasonable security standards to safeguard your information/data.  


Rexza iHomes and each of Rexza iHomes entities officers, directors, contractors or agents will not be responsible for the authenticity of the information that you or any other user provide to Rexza iHomes. You hereby agree and acknowledge that the information so collected is for a lawful purpose.  


  2. Sharing and disclosure of information  


You hereby agree and permit that Rexza iHomes may transfer, share, disclose or part with all or any of your information within and outside of the Republic of India. It can be provided to various Rexza iHomes entities and third-party service providers and financial institutions as may be required by applicable law. In such a case we will contractually oblige the receiving parties of the information. We will ensure the same level of data protection that is adhered to by Rexza iHomes under applicable law. 


We use other third parties such as a credit/debit card processing company, payment gateway, pre-paid cards, etc. It is to help you make payments to buy products or avail services on Rexza iHomes. When you sign up for these services, you may have the ability to save your card details for future reference and faster future payments. In such a case, we may share your relevant information for the third parties to provide such services, including your name, residence and email address. The processing of payments or authorization is solely by these thirdparty policies, terms, and conditions. We are not in any manner responsible or liable to you or any third party for any delay or failure at their end in processing the payments. You agree that such disclosure, sharing and transfer of your personal and non-personal information shall not cause any wrongful loss to you or any third party.  


  3. Cookies and Ads  


Rexza iHomes may store temporary or permanent cookies on your computer. You can erase or block these cookies from your computer. You can configure your computer’s browser to alert when we attempt to send a cookie with an option to accept or refuse the cookie. If you turn cookies off, it may prevent you from using certain features of the website. Rexza iHomes may use third-party service providers to serve ads on Rexza iHomes behalf across the internet. They may not collect personal information about your visit to the website and your interaction with our products and services on the website.  


  4. Links to third-party websites  


Links to third-party advertisements, websites or any electronic communication service may be provided on the website. It is operated by a third-party and is not controlled by Rexza iHomes.  


Rexza iHomes is not responsible for any form of transmission whatsoever received by you from any thirdparty website. Also, Rexza iHomes does not make any representations concerning the privacy practices or policies of such third parties or terms of use of such thirdparty websites. Rexza iHomes does not control or guarantee the accuracy or quality of the information or other materials available on such thirdparty websites. The inclusion or exclusion does not imply any endorsement by Rexza iHomes of the third-party websites, the website’s provider, or the information on the website. The information provided by you to such thirdparty websites shall be governed by the privacy policies of such third-party websites. It is recommended that you review the privacy policy of such thirdparty websites before using such websites.  


  5. Grievance Officer  


All the information you provide is out of your free will and with your consent and approval of the policies. If you find any discrepancies or have any grievances concerning the collection, storage, use, disclosure and transfer of your personal information contact the grievance officer. He/she can also be contacted when you have a doubt related to other terms and conditions or policies of any Rexza iHomes entity. 


The details of the grievance officer may be changed by us from time to time by updating this privacy policy.