Conserve Energy Without Compromising Your Comfort

Our smart devices help you greatly in reducing energy consumption, thereby, helping you save money. You can create schedules to automatically turn off your appliances when you are away. With the help of smartphones, you can control all your devices in a tap and save energy.

Smart Energy Consumption and Control 

Easy Monitoring

With smart devices, you don’t have to be worried about leaving the devices turned on while you are away. Integrating them with your smartphone gives you quick and easy control.

Intelligent Usage

You can efficiently check the energy usage patterns of various electrical devices to understand how to manage better. You can set day-time schedules to ensure ideal energy usage.

Effective Optimization

Your smart home appliances are capable of understanding the energy usage pattern based on your routine. This lets the devices automatically adjust to the usual usage patterns.

Smart Energy Consumption And Control

Experience Comfort With Comparatively Less Energy


Energy Savings


Improved Consumption

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Customize Your Usage

The best part of smart home devices is you can save your wallet by consuming comparatively lesser energy by setting a personalized schedule or triggering turn on and off by sensing a human presence. You can also set day-light sensing alerts to automatically turn off your lights when the room is bright. Besides, it lets you setting up multiple schedules or changing the schedules as and when you want to help you avoid doing things manually.

Customize Your Usage
Know Your Usage Pattern

Know Your Usage Pattern

Smart home appliances clearly analyse and give you the usage pattern of different electrical devices in your home. With the chart patterns generated by these devices, you can let the controller make effective decisions on managing your devices. You can set personalized commands for the controller to make it act accordingly when a command is triggered. This lets you stay at peace when you are no longer at your home.

Understanding Your Routine

Having smart devices is equal to having a caring friend at home all the time. You can personalize every device to make your routine easy. It can brew coffee for you when you wake up, turn on the geyser and lights, turn on your workout music, and lots more based on your usual usage pattern. Your smart home understands your habits and makes your devices act accordingly to give you sophistication while saving your time, money, and energy. 

Understanding Your Routine

To Stop Electricity Burning A Hole In Your Pocket, Try Our Smart Appliances 

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Conserve energy for a better tomorrow 


At Rexza iHomes we pay equal attention to sustainable products as much as we focus on comfort and sophistication. Saving energy doesn’t only save your wallet but also helps in protecting the environment, thereby, making you a smart and responsible person.


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