Superior Surveillance – Stay Alert Anytime Anywhere.

Give your home advanced protection and security with our ultra-modern devices. Rexza iHomes focuses on improving the quality of life in every aspect and security is one of the prime factors. Air-tight security is guaranteed with our smart surveillance products. 

Assured Seamless Surveillance 

Wireless Installation

Our devices involve zero wires. The installation is quick and easy with no mess both inside as well as outside your house.

Motion Sensors

The advanced Zigbee sensors sense a human presence or absence within the sensor’s range and instantly triggers an alert to your smartphone.

Easy Monitoring

With the IP camera, you can now quickly check who is entering your premises or simply keep an eye on your kids or pets while you are away.

Seamless Surveillance

Smart Surveillance Products Offers More


Home Security


Energy Savings

Cost Savings0%
Threat detection0%

Magnetic Door Sensors

Intrusion detection is capable with our Zigbee door sensors that are magnetic contact based. It senses even the slightest motion of the door and instantly sends notifications to your smartphone. The magnetic sensors involve no wiring and it can be effectively accessed through local as well as the cloud from any corner of the world. 

Magnetic Door Sensors
IP Enabled Cameras

IP Enabled Cameras

We recommend our customers use IP or Internet Protocol cameras over CCTVs as the former have comparatively very high resolution. The higher resolution proffers a wider field of view, which helps in identifying any intrusion or spying activity in your premise. You can also use this to monitor your kids and pets while you are at work. 

Super Sensitive Motion Sensors

Our Zigbee motion sensors are Passive Infrared (PIR) based, which makes it sense even a minute presence or absence of a human within the sensor’s range. The sensors usually detect and communicate to the Zigbee Gateway that enables the automatic mode (lights turning on/off) and the security mode (SMS alerts) to get triggered.  

Superior Surveillance

Protect Your Home Using Our Intelligent Surveillance Products 

Smart people deserve only the best – Select the product of your choice, add it to your package and get them installed for an awesome experience!   

Yi Outdoor Camera
Yi Dome Camera 1080p
Yi Home 2 1080p
Arlo Baby/ARLO Q/PRO
Wyze Cam Pan
Yi Dome Camera 720p
Arlo Q Plus
Amazon Cloud Cam

Ready to give your home 360-degree protection? 


Rexza iHomes offers very high-security features combined with luxury living experience to give you peace of mind when you are at home or away. All our features are advanced and it can be accessed and controlled from anywhere at any time through the cloud. 

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