Smart Safety System – Your Home is Your Guardian

Your presence doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to protecting your home. With smart safety devices, get instantly notified when an intruder attempts to break open. Lock and unlock the doors and windows anytime from anywhere in the world.

Keep An Eye On Your Home From Anywhere

Get Notified When There is a Visitor

Is there a visitor or a delivery boy waiting at your home while you are away? Well, get instantly notified and talk to them.

Receive Instant Alerts on Security Breach

Your smart safety system will trigger an alarm when somebody tries to barge into your property. Also, it will help you take corrective action.

Lock and Unlock Your Doors and Windows

Smart safety devices offer remote access to operate your doors and windows from anywhere. You can let your dear ones in with instant access.

Keep An Eye On Your Home From Anywhere

What Does Our Smart Safety System Offer?


Theft Reduction


Peace of Mind

Why Should You Choose Smart Safety Devices? 

Alarm success rate0%
Instant Notifications0%
Easy Control and Monitoring0%
Pretend Presence0%

Round The Clock Monitoring

Rexza iHomes smart security devices supervise your home 24*7 to ensure complete protection. Your home will be equally safe in the night as it is during the day with the sophisticated night vision camera. You can install the video doorbells with an inbuilt motion detection sensor. This can also be integrated with devices that automatically turn on lights when motion is detected. Besides, you will be instantly notified whenever there is a suspicious activity.

Round The Clock Monitoring
Look Who Is At The Door

Look Who is at the Door

You can know who is visiting your home through live video from anywhere across the globe. This continuous monitoring is possible anytime with a smartphone. The cameras and live video enable you to capture images and snapshots even during the night. If you have a visitor, you can see who is at your door and communicate with them right away.  

Easy Access to Multiple Sensors

We offer a comprehensive approach to home security as there are a plethora of other sensors that can sense fire, water, smoke, and gas leakage. These sensors are equally significant as they can immediately alert you and prevent any damage to your lives as well as to your home. You can swiftly yet easily access these sensors using smartphone applications or remote keyfob. 

Easy Access To Multiple Sensors

Our Wide Range of Smart Security Devices

Smart people deserve only the best – Select the product of your choice, add it to your package and get them installed for an awesome experience! 

August Smart Keypad
August Smart Lock/PRO
August Doorbell Cam Pro
Arlo Audio Doorbell
Pert Smart Lock
Ultraloq Combo/UL1
Ultraloq U-Bolt/UL300

Smart People Prefer Smart Security System


Want to know how to protect your home from security breaches such as burglary, intrusion, spying, and accidents including fire and gas leakage? Well, our smart security system offers a one-stop solution to all kinds of security problems.


To smartly secure your home, contact us.