Frequently Asked Questions

Is home automation safe? What should I do if my Wi-Fi gets hacked?

All our products are designed and tested to be in good control irrespective of any hacks as we are committed to offering highsecurity solutions. We use an encryption that is widely in use by credit card transaction security. 

Will the appliances work during a power failure?

Absolutely YES! All your appliances would be connected with an inverter. 

Would I be able to control the devices while I am not at home?

Yes, you can! A smartphone with Android or iOS with 3G or 4G data connections would be the solution for you.  

Would I be provided with remotes for every product?

No. We do not want to inundate you with dozens of remotes. You can use your smartphone as a remote to control all your devices. 

How many devices can be controlled?

One Chief or Gateway can be used to connect 200+ products. However, you can configure multiple chiefs to maximize your connections. 

Would turning on multiple smart devices affect my internet speed?

Not at all. You are free to turn on any number of devices you want and it won’t disturb your internet speed.  

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